Klingelnberg AGW230

Technical specification: 

Grinding diameter: 250 mm
Grinding length: 350 mm
Max. module: 22
Min. module: 1,5
Max. work-piece diameter: 250 mm
Grinding travel: 475 mm
Max. grinding wheel diameter: 250 mm
Min. grinding wheel diameter: 150 mm
Grinding wheel speed: 1500-2700 rpm
Max. lead angle: 45°
Min. flute lead: 125 mm
Number of flutes: 3-45
Max. depth of flute: 50 mm
Work spindle taper: No.40 INT
Distance between centres: 260-660 mm
Total power requirement: 10 kw


Klingelnberg AGW230

Rarely Used ,Good Working Condition.

Also Other models of SPW,WMW,STanko available in stock.

Customer can choose from variety of other machines from various renowned companies.

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