Knuckle Joint Press KB8334

Manufactured by Kuzlitmash plant
Year of manufacture 1992
Capacity, ton 250
Ram stroke, mm 120
Number of ram strokes per minute 60
Shut height, mm 300
Bolster plate-to-ram adjustment stroke, mm 12
Bed dimensions, mm 400 x 400
Stroke of upper ejector, mm 16
Stroke of lower ejector, mm 70
Bolster plate thickness, mm 80
Main drive motor power, kW 8,5


Rarely Used ,Good Working Condition,

Also Other models of  May, Komatsu and Grabener are sometimes available in stock.

All of the above customer can choose from variety of other machine  models e.g. Kb8334,KB8336,Kb8338,KB8340

and K8334,K8336,K8340 ,which can be directly imported from Europe.

Additional information

Weight 5500 kg
Dimensions 175 × 115 × 259 cm


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